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KiNG TRELLiS started out as an engineering company but soon realised the need for a more robust retractable security barrier after a robbery at our premises where intruders had compromised a “competitors barrier”. This lead us to develop the KiNG TRELLiS RETRACTABLE BARRIER range, which we have been promoting since 1999. With our extensive knowledge and grounding in the Mechanical Engineering and Tool & Die Making fields, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products. Our dedicated team delivers swift service, resolves after-sales queries and repairs in the event of a forced entry. Your home is you castle, so choose KiNG TRELLis to protect your kingdom.


King Trellis

King Trellis (there when you need it gone when you don't !) - We Believe in making our best product at the right price, NO compromise ! -Retractable Barriers are ideal for doors, sliding doors, windows, shop fronts, offices, patios and most other openings that need security. -No plastic or nylon parts. -Single upright door manufactured from 19mm square tubing with a 1.6mm wall thickness.

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KiNGfiX - A Non-Retractable Barrier ideal for windows -Manufactured from 19mm square tubing with a 1.6mm wall thickness finished with flights to cosmetically match King Trellis



KiNGSWING - Custom manufactured for your opening where KING TRELLIS cannot be fitted. - Designed to cosmetically match the KING TRELLIS and KiNGFIX. - Ideal for doors with high traffic volumes and/ doors where you cannot afford to loose space. (i.e townhouses where fridges and furniture can only be brought through the front doors).

    • DO ECONOMICAL; We Sell You the Best Product For Best Price.
    • Need to Ask You if You are Serious About Security.
    • Ensure Maximum Security.
    • No Plastic or nylon mechanical parts.
    • Steel roller bearings
    • STEEL dovetail drop bolts
    • Epoxy powder coated.
    • Two refreshing flight styles *.
    • Single upright door
      • 4 rows of flight for extra strength.
      • 19mm x 19mm x 1.6mm SABS approved Steel Tubing. (Highveld)
      • 20mm x 20mm x 2.5mm SABS approved Aluminium Tubing. (Coastal)
      • Secured on all sides.


    • Slam Lock Standard on ALL Doors.
      • Laminated locks available in slam or hook lock configuration.
      • Over 1 million combinations available
      • Locating Pin which once locked acts as a dead lock system.
    • Sustainable Steel Channel which protects the Lock & Lock Bar
    • Structured Galvanized Tracks for Increased Durability.
      • Double lipped top track purposely designed for steel roller bearings.
      • Low profile dovetail bottom track.


    • Custom made for YOUR opening.
      • No Adjustable inserts to compromise your security




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