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In 1999 a small engineering firm originated from humble beginnings, with a limited budget we realised the need to secure our offices; we did what many consumers do and chose what we were told and thought “was the best” for our application, our offices were burgled without excessive force and after inspecting the product and seeing its poor capabilities and the poor level of service we received, we realised that with our Tool & Die Making and Mechanical Engineering backgrounds we could truly manufacture a product that is “FIT FOR DESIGN”.

With this gap in the market we shifted our focus to design a product that was not only competitive in STRENGTH but in PRICE as well. Since then we have added a few more accreditations and accolades to the brand but are still truly grounded in our founding mission of creating the most ROBUST PRODUCT for the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

Your home is you castle, so choose KiNG TRELLiS to protect your kingdom.

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About us

Fixed Security Barrier

• No Plastic or Nylon parts.

• Epoxy Powder coated.

• Secured on all sides within a top &    bottom  track system.

• Custom Manufactured for your needs.

For windows and walkway restrictions

For all doors, patios, offices, passages and windows

• Custom Manufactured for your needs.

Retractable Security Barrier

• Slam Locks are standard.

• Epoxy Powder coated.

• No Plastic or Nylon parts.

• Secured on all sides within a top & bottom  track    system.

• No Plastic or Nylon parts.

• Epoxy Powder coated.

• Aesthetically designed to match our the

For doors that can’t afford to lose

• Custom Manufactured for your needs.

Solid Welded Swing Gate

Doors Windows Offices Passages Patios Shop Front