Cottage Pane and Horizontal Security Barriers
The King Cottage security barrier range includes our modular cottage pane system and horizontal welded bars are designed as an alternative to the more popular King Fix range. They are custom manufactured for all window openings where the King Fix range is not suitable.
  • Versatile: The King Cottage security barrier range is designed for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and is ideal for cottage pane windows and securing either the full or opening of a window.
  • Secure: The King Cottage security barrier range is custom-designed to line up either with your cottage pane window or spaced evenly to cover full pane windows where a cottage pane or horizontal bar effect is desired.
  • Robust Design: Making use of our custom design, the cottage pane barrier is customised on-site to ensure it is aligned with your cottage pane window, whilst the horizontal bar is custom manufactured in our state of the art welding facility before installation.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: a neat and secure product that is custom manufactured to your requirements and is then finished off with your choice of five epoxy powder coated colours for a flawless finish.
  • The cottage pain security barriers modular design incorporates a vertical 19x19x1.6mm steel upright and 10mm horizontal bar which is secured into our galvanised top and bottom track as well as being secured on all 4 sides of your reveal.
  • The horizontal security barriers are manufactured from a square bar and welded onto framework which is then secure either into the reveal or the frame of the opening.

The King Cottage range is designed to complement wooden cottage pane style and larger pane windows and the Horizontals Bar system is ideal for securing window openings and are extremely popular in townhouse complexes where opportunistic crime is common.

Retractable Security Barriers
There When You Need It- Gone When You Don’t!
The King Trellis retractable barrier range is designed to be robust and aesthetically pleasing. They are custom manufactured to your specifications and are ideally suited for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
Static Security BarrierS
The King Fix security barriers range is a non-retractable barrier that is designed to aesthetically complement the retractable barrier range. The King Fix range is custom manufactured and is a cost-effective alternative for windows and other areas where access need to be restricted.
Solid Security Barriers
The King Swing security barrier range is a solid welded swing gate which is aesthetically designed to complement the King Trellis and KingFix ranges and is ideally suited for spaces where you can’t afford to lose doorway space.
Transparent Security Barriers
The King Clear range of transparent barriers are an ideal product for residential homes, estates and corporate offices that don’t require a high level of security but where the piece of mind is needed. They are designed to be discreet yet functional at stopping opportunistic intruders.