Solid Security Gate
The King Swing Security Gate Range is a solid welded swing gate. The product is designed to complement the King Trellis and King Fix ranges and are ideally suited for spaces where you cannot afford to lose doorway space.
  • Versatile: The King Swing Security Gate Range is designed for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and is ideal for narrow doorways where one cannot afford to lose space.
  • Secure: The King Swing Security Gate Range is welded to ensure rigidity and fitted with a keyless locking system to ensure rapid securing should the security need arise.
  • Robust Design: Making use of an inner and outer welded frame to ensure that there are no leverage points to prevent forced entry.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Choose from our unique “X”, “O” or “A” flight shapes which are then finished off with your choice of five epoxy powder coated colours for a flawless finish
  • The King Swing security gate range is welded and constructed from, with the outer and inner frames utilise a 25x25x1.6mm steel tube which is then joined by two steel butterfly hinges.
  • The vertical internal bars with 19x19x1.6mm vertical bars.
  • The locking mechanism we utilise is a pin styled lock, this is not only for ease but the unique feature of this mechanism is that key slides in from the rear of the lock to ensure that the key cannot be broken off should the key be left in the gate whilst someone is trying to enter.
  • Townhouses where fridges and furniture can only be brought in through the front door and
  • Commercial and industrial sectors where can also be operated as a fire door by adding a key box in the installation or retrofit a magnetic lock system for access control.
  • Rental units. Doorways fitted with retractable barrier require an installation team to assist when a tenant needs to vacate or move furniture at a great expense.
Retractable Security Barriers
There When You Need It- Gone When You Don’t!
The King Trellis retractable barrier range is designed to be robust and aesthetically pleasing. They are custom manufactured to your specifications and are ideally suited for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
Static Security BarrierS
The King Fix security barriers range is a non-retractable barrier that is designed to aesthetically complement the retractable barrier range. The King Fix range is custom manufactured and is a cost-effective alternative for windows and other areas where access need to be restricted.
Cottage Pane & Horizontal Security Barriers
The King Cottage security barrier range is designed as an alternative to the more popular King Fix range. They are custom manufactured for all window openings where the King Fix range is not suitable.
Transparent Security Barriers
The King Clear range of transparent barriers are an ideal product for residential homes, estates and corporate offices that don’t require a high level of security but where the piece of mind is needed. They are designed to be discreet yet functional at stopping opportunistic intruders.